Coach Management Services

With our online popular Sports Networking Portal (, Learn and Play Sports is here to promote LEARNING and CONTINUED self-learning of SOCIAL sports with good coach management philosophy. 

"We strive to provide young LEARNERS of sports with opportunities for CONTINUED learning after acquiring the basic skills in a SPORT. "

"We strive to provide our Registered COACHES to continuously upgrade their professional expertise through knowledge and information sharing. "



SCHOOLS or Institutions of Higher Learning

HODs or relevant parties  can 

  • engage our coaching management services
  • run your sports programs successfully with professional help
  • run a TAILORED school sports networking program
  • enable your sports charges to network across schools, across sports disciplines through our portal.
  • provide opportunities for your charges to be TALENT hunted nationally or even globally for institutions of higher learning.


You can

  • publish your sports articles online
  • network with other Coaching professionals across sports disciplines
  • upgrade your knowledge through information sharing
  • generate greater publicity for your services 


You can 

  • call us for professional advice on SPORTS selection for your son/daughter
  • Find a prescreened coach
  • Network with other SPORTS focused parents


You can

  • view a COACH qualifications
  • contact a COACH students for review on his services
  • network with other Learners for continued self direct learning with Partner


Founder/Owner's Background

Mr Albert Teo possesses a Degree in Mechanical Engineering (NTU) and is also NCAP certified and NROC registered in the sports of

  • SAILING (windsurfing)

In addition to his professional coaching experience, he is also well trained in Candidate Profiling with his many years of experience as a professional HEADHUNTER.



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