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Tennis Instructional Programs

"There is no such thing as a lousy STUDENT, only a lousy COACH".
"Cheap things may not be Good, Good things may not come Cheap"


With these philosophies in mind, our coaches are properly screened in both their TECHNICAL skills , their COACHING philosophy and most importantly their PASSION for the sport. 

We strive to provide TAILORED tennis skills development for learners of all ages at private, group, school and corporate levels.

We strive to provide CONTINUED learning through our SPARRING PARTNER networking opportunties at our online portal (www.LearnMatchupandPlay.com)

Please find our range of programs and current teaching locations.

School programs 

  • School CCA programs
  • School Team Training
  • Holiday camps and overseas trips

Private Young Learners programs

  • Beginners
  • Intermediates
  • Competitive 
  • DSA grooming program

Private Adult GROUP / Individual programs include

  • Adult Kickstart (10 lessons - BASICS)
  • Adult Social Network (Fun and Social focused)
  • Intermediate Fastrack (for more serious all-round upgraders)
  • Intermediate Specifics (To repair a stroke breakdown)
  • Sparring Sessions

Current Private GROUP/ Individual Coaching Locations (Click on Marker for info) 

Some of our CORPORATE programs

- Team Dynamics and Social partnering oriented tennis learning

Founder/Owner's Background

Mr Albert Teo possesses a Degree in Mechanical Engineering (NTU) and is also NCAP (National Coaching Accredition Program) certified and NROC registered in the sports of

  • SAILING (windsurfing)


In addition to his professional coaching experience, he is also well trained in Candidate Profiling with his many years of experience as a professional HEADHUNTER.

Learn and Play Sports is a Sports Instructional Organisation with a mission to fulfil each individual objective to reach his/her maximum sports potential through structured, methodical learning systems with highly qualified sports coaches.

"You will enjoy your sports learning experience when you start with us..."  

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